Improved MOB retrieval for lifejackets

Your life could depend on a Lifesaver

With a MOB Lifesaver the man overboard has his means

of retrieval back on board stowed within his lifejacket

The one thing that concerns sailors is how to get a man in the water back on board if he can’t help himself.

Attaching him to the boat while we set up a retrieval rig is key. But on yachts we can’t reach down to get a line onto him and even on motorboats with bathing platforms it is very difficult to grab and keep hold of the casualty.

The answer? MOB Lifesavers. We don’t go down to the man overboard, he comes up to us.

An MOB Lifesaver attaches to the lifting loop/becket in a lifejacket. When the lifejacket inflates the Lifesaver is available there on top of the bladder and easy for the rescuer to grab with the boathook. With the Lifesaver in hand, they can then secure the MOB to the boat while they set up their retrieval rig.

A Lifesaver is hand-made from ultra High weight Molecular PolyEthylene, also known as HMPE (the same material from which Dyneema® is made.) The Lifesaver is spliced into a loop and a triangle is formed in one end. It is incredibly strong.  It will lift over 2 tons!



When the lifejacket inflates the Lifesaver is there on top of the bladder ready to be grabbed by the rescuer.


Grab the Lifesaver by hand or with the boathook and attach the man to the boat.


Set up your preferred retrieval rig and winch the man back on board.

The simple answer to MOB retrieval

In our video above, we take you through MOB Lifesavers, show you how to fit them to your lifejacket and demonstrate MOB retrieval short-handed aboard a 35′ boat, with our Rescue Sling and 6 part Harken tackle.

Plus we show how they make sense when getting a man back onboard a fully crewed ocean- going racer.

And for motor-boaters there is a link to a video which will demonstrate techniques for getting a man back on board when there are no obvious lifting means or apparent height from which to sling a retrieval rig.

MOB Lifesavers are type approved…

 …for Spinlock, SeaSafe, Baltic, Crewsaver and Ocean Safety’s current range of lifejackets.

Of course you can add what you like to your own lifejacket and jackets that are older than a couple of years may not be covered by any manufacturer’s warranty. But to sell a new life jacket and to provide a warranty the lifejacket needs to be tested for conformity with the inclusion of the new product. And so these brands have been conformity tested to ISO12402 with Lifesavers included.

Lifesaver makes rescue easier!

One of our customers has informed us that a member of crew
slipped on a pontoon walkway and fell into the water. His
lifejacket inflated and out came the Lifesaver that had been
fitted. One of the rescuers was able to grab the Lifesaver and
hold the man against the strong current running through the
marina, while the others hauled him under his shoulders and
by the harness of his lifejacket back onto the dock.

This particular brand of european lifejacket has not yet been
tested for conformity with MOB Lifesavers but our customer
was confident that the jacket would work perfectly well with a
Lifesaver fitted and it did. He was also adamant that he had to
have Lifesavers fitted to his jackets and it certainly paid off.

Let us know if you have had similar experiences.

Soft Shackle

We offer a Soft Shackle for those who would like to be able to detach their Lifesaver from their lifejacket, easily and quickly. Soft Shackles are £9.95 each including post & packing to the UK. If you want your Soft Shackles delivered to an address outside the UK, please contact us before ordering to get a complete price inc p&p to your country.

The Retrieval Kit

The Retrieval Kit – which is suitable for both sailing boats and motorboats – comprises a Harken 6 part ratcheted tackle, with DMM Spectre climbing carabiners and a heavy duty strop, rope to chain to rope in a reinforced plastic tube, wrapped in dayglo orange cloth to allow the casualty to be lifted out horizontally – and of course Lifesavers that you fit into your lifejackets.

MOB Lifesavers are endorsed by Hamble Lifeboat

A contribution from every MOB Lifesaver pack sold goes to Hamble Lifeboat to thank them for their help & support.

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