Hamble Lifeboat

MOB Lifesavers are endorsed by Hamble Lifeboat

A contribution from every MOB Lifesaver pack sold goes to Hamble Lifeboat to thank them for their help & support.

Please Note – Kru Sport Pro, Kru Sport Pro – Iso, Premier Kru Sport Pro – 180N & Kru Sport Elite jackets do up with a zip that the authorities do not deem to be strong enough if the lift comes from one side only and so they require 2 Lifesavers, one on each lifting becket and the lift needs to come from both sides. Lifesaver customers have been inventive and have found that using a soft shackle to tie the two ‘D’ rings together means that they can fit just 1 Lifesaver. Another work around – from a sail training organisation who have Lifesavers in their Kru jackets – is for crew to wear a Lifeline at all times, with at least one end clipped round the two ‘D’ rings.

All Crewsaver, Spinlock, Baltic & SeaSafe jackets require just 1 Lifesaver. The Crewsaver ErgoFits have 2 lifting beckets but only require 1 Lifesaver, you can fit it to whichever side you like. See the How To Fit videos.

Approved for all curent models of Crewsaver, Baltic, Spinlock & Seasafe