We ran 3 live demos everyday and a couple of extra for good luck, so we retrieved a man from the water 35 times during the 10 day show.

We showed how having a MOB Lifesaver in his automatic lifejacket made it possible for a rescuer to retrieve a man in the water who did nothing to help in his recovery. The rescuer was unable to reach down to the man to attach a line but they were able to boathook the MOB Lifesaver off the lifejacket or floating on the water and attach the man to the boat.

They then set up our preferred retrieval system the 6 part ratcheted block tackle from Harken, which is suspended on the spinnaker halyard. Then with a Rescue Sling under his knees to bring him up horizontally a smaller person was able to lift a large person back on board. Have look. And see at the end how Emily lifts umpteen stone of me out of the water with relative ease.

A lot of the stress of a man overboard can be taken out of it if you have a plan and you practice it.