I have a number of talks and demos lined up for the next few months when I will be telling people about all the ground breaking techniques in Stress Free Sailing to make boating that much easier. I shall be signing books and also going through MOB retrieval and Lifesavers. I ask members to bring along the odd lifejacket so we can check it out and service it if need be. That’s the message today, understand your lifejacket, make sure it is serviced , up to spec and ready to do its job, with the slogan, “If you look after your safety equipment, your safety equipment will look after you.”

The Schedule at present is;
01.02.16  Reading Offshore Club – talk
03.02.16  Royal Dart Yacht club – talk
25.02.16  Cardiff Yacht Club, demo during the day, talk in the evening
12.03.16  Force 4 Cardiff for an MOB along with the RNLI, signing books and demo’ing Lifesavers
31.03.16  Sutton Mariners – talk
05.04.16  Royal County of Berkshire Yacht Club – talk
21.04.16  Royal Southampton Yacht Club – talk
16.09 – 25.09.16 Southampton International Boat Show – Live MOB retrieval Demos in the marina and book signings
12.10.16  Royal Southern Yacht Club – talk
15.11.16  CA Wessex Area – talk

We are waiting to schedule talks for the Little Ship club, Lymington Town and Royal Lymington yacht clubs